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When You Make Me Click Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – When You Make Me Click Lyrics

Now When You Make Me Click the grinch will come and you get buck [x16]

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
I won’t stop till I’m dead
I got this glock and imma bout to stay fed even if I have to shoot God in the head
My favorite color is probably red
I’m bucking bitches down and filling drainage ditches up with bloodshed
Kill your only child in her bed especially facing deification
In the air I feel you up with medication
Catch you on the steps
Face and look into the eyes of the mask
As I force you to say your final goodbyes
I’m getting eviler as I get older
Hit the dash for the micro-cassette recorder to hear it over
Shaking and shivering from paranoia
When they ask me if I recognize this girl I say I need my lawyer
She isn’t even underneath the soil
This shit is hotter than the myriad of corpses Jeffrey Dahmer boiled
And something tells me you don’t recognize the sound that well
A pack of hollow tips barking at you like the hounds of hell


[Verse 2: Dylan Ross]
I’ve been sinning ever since the beginning
The ski mask on my face so when I make you suffer I make sure you can see me grinning
Elderly people and women and children
None can escape the wrath of Dylan as I exercise my melon peeling
I’m addicted to stealing
I got a [?] eleven in my brain so when I make a stang I make sure that you feel it
I gotta feeling for the killing
Cause it’s an obsession
Get away clean as the forces of nature shrouds me with protection
Busters better make
Way and get to stepping
If I catch ya slipping make you do a threesome with my Smith & Wesson
I’m bout to break you off
Break. Break. Break you off
Tie you up and gently guide yo head right through my table saw
So much blood you think I was influenced by bathing salts
Deep in the woods
I’m up to no good like a solitaire satan cult
I did a course number
I’m bout to make the forensic team feel like they stepped inside a Cannibal Corpse cover

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