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Twenty Ten Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Twenty Ten Lyrics

Twenty Ten, Twenty Ten, Twenty Ten, Twenty Ten (fades out)

Twenty Ten
Tw-Twenty-Tw-Twenty Ten [x8]

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
I swoop down on you like a pterodactyl
And I've been known to point nines like a fractal
No hassle
When I'm dippity doing
I'ma born baller like Pippen or Ewing
I'm sippin' a brew at the party just chilling and maxin'
A world tycoon with the villainous action
But I'm a volunteer that's how we do here
It's Twenty Ten still leaving if it's a new year
International boo bear
Well read and refined but who cares
Boo hoo
I'm not singing the blues
One mad man will make six million groove
Moving, body moving
I am that man
I take the lead when you save the last dance
I make woman realize they like chubby men
I'm Dylan Ross the definition of Twenty Ten


[Verse 2: Dylan Ross]
Assed out, sittin' in the glass house
With the glass pipe that I ash out right before I mash out
On the scene I'm crispy clean
So you want more just like I was Ovaltine
I been a Bisco balling up in Frisco to some disco
So will you be where my dick go
I keep it sterile
I'm embarrassed to walk into an American Apparel and fear of walking out with a purchase
I'm never nervous
I do you all a service
I get underneath the surface
You got a body I work it (work it)
You can work it out to my beat
I'm on Fuego
Ask for all the heat, yeah
I like to make music on machines
With calculators that can calculate everything
I've always had a pot to piss in
Banking off the fact that art causes more wars than religion

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