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Three Days In Bed Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Three Days In Bed Lyrics

[Hook: Dylan Ross]
If you need to lay your head
You can stay with me
Three Days In Bed cause I need to see
If I'm the one you need to be with when you dream
I need to know, cause your unbelievable

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
I's feasible
That you are the reason to
Kick it in the comforters me and you
Cause there isn't any limit to what we can do
So, do you wanna come back with me boo
We can just kick it for a night or two
And I'll carry out what I like to do you
On you before the night is through
When the door is closed
And you hair is down
I'm just so happy that we are not on the town
When the windows open
And the breeze is here
I'm just so happy that were home because I need you here


[Verse 2: Karl Lord Edward Diamonds]
Abracadabra is what Karl said
Three Days In Bed, that's what Karl Edward said
It's just Three Days In Bed with the vol-uh-uh-uh-unteers
Three Days In Bed with historic things, yeah freaky things
Yeah Three Days In Bed there's some passion there
Three Days In Bed bitches tryna give me head
I turn around G
I bum around B
They always rustle in the sheets where I rest my head
I don't give a fuck girl, did you hear what I said
Karl Edward Diamonds hopping into good time
I'd offer girls my diamonds hopping to my good rhymes
They rest they head
They do what I said

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