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Fuck You Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Fuck You Lyrics


(Fuck you) x68

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
I'ma blast away
Put you in your casket
Cause I got no restitution for the demonic shit that I have to say
Put you in the past
You done passed away
Walk up in the Pentecostal church and put the barrel to the pastors face
Take the tide money off the plate and dash away
To the PC Mansion to get the blood off my hands and face
I'm a basket case
Coming from the honey comb hide outer limits
And I'm quite familiar with how acid tastes
The type of damage I spray will leave the average mortal man erased and reduced to a pile of fecal matter waste
As I pray
Hoping something wicked comes this way
Seeing homicidal shadows so I'm buckin' with the gauge
Buckin' at you busters faces, I got infantry and Slikk the Shocker crawling out your television imagery
I'm filled up with hatred infinitely
So I just wanna watch the world burn and turn to dust before I rest in peace
[Verse 2: Big Crust]
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