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Weather World Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Weather World Lyrics

Whos that smooth young pale baldhead slick talkin mothafucka from the midwest
Gotta get next, international man of misery, Rozz touch down like incest
Fuck a friendship, fuck a job, fuck a bitch, anything other than clockin benjamins in excess
All because I make music, a lot of people think its okay to try to be all up in my business
And speaking of business, the perversion of the music industry has no limits
Dylan so voyeuristic, watching the whole shitfest go down from a distance
Steady dodging a bullet everyday, but when it finally hits me is when I pray to god it misses
Sometimes I feel like my mama took me out of heaven and put me here on purpose
What kind of planet is this?
I dont dig this, I dont get this or get with this, but while Im here Ima ride for me and mine
And Ima get it all, Ima ball til I fall tax-free and unlisted
Most unknown from the oh-one-oh, blunt rolled, one mo, Dylan gotta get the indica
Anybody wanna flex a little bit of evilness inside em, Ima knuckle up like Menacide and finish it
And get em nervous, packing something that will make em numb in my lip service
I get to working when I awake, its Young Jake Jeckel with the helly burner
Lifes a bitch, if Im the bitch that might get hitched to her, then Ima be Dylan Turner
Ike turn the Judas Cradle spike, hater murder, bitch I get paid for murder
Murder for hire, baby better believe Im finna deliver whatever I gotta to let em know that I gotta get it
Split it a hundred percent among me, one deep, planet rock 2k, pay me money
Snappin bands that bounce like a bungee, take what I want, won't get shit from me

Ill take you down to weather world
Let it rain, rain down on you
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