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Force Fed Flesh Field Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Force Fed Flesh Field Lyrics

[Rozz Dyliams]
I feel the safest when I'm snuggled up next to you
but thats also the time I feel the ugliest
I know it probably doesn't make any sense to you
but whatever it is I thought it was obvious
I mean it probably is and what we have here is a chance
I'll hold you down even after we reincarnate into plants
girl you make me feel so happy that it make me wanna dance
all i feel is love
when i think about you in advance
in excess
hung up on a moment that we never had
it isn't sex but rather your laughter that keep me coming back
soft like a rain storm beating on a basement door
no one knows you like I do so what the fuck they paying for
Imma make you fall in love with me till you cant take no more
waiting for a fantasy you won't even be patient for
when i close my eyes i have a vision of two naked whores
i trade up whore
any fleshly offering who make me bored
flesh is the law
but not a law that I would break ofcourse
I believe in the laws or nature
so I let nature take its course
brain is set up similar to a maze of sorts
If you attempt to analyze me it'll permanently make your brain contort
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