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Fahrenheit Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Fahrenheit Lyrics


[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
If there’s one thing I’ve learned its that jealous people are nosey
Dylan Ross the underboss
I run my operation just like Kaiser Sosey
I’m rhyming solely reppin [?] so take off the rolley
Mister Stromboli kick in but [?] super unholy
So cue in gas and light a match and watch you burn slowly
Realized I wouldn’t amount to shit
What my mother told me
So I’ve been stressing dealing with depression
When I was 12 I tried to hang myself because I couldn’t find a weapon
Turned my anger to the population
I don’t respect them
Obliterate the planet from within the 5th dimension
Stay strapped
Hit the dash grab the gat
Where I’m aiming you will need a bulletproof mask and a hat
I’m finna let it go and ratatat ya
Kill you in the name of the Pizza Gang
I love to watch yo head splatter
Coming out swinging like a batter cease the chitter chatter
Chicken in my brain got me clicking hearing demonic laughter


[Verse 2: Dylan Ross]
I’m a Northside loco buster killer chamber filler blood spiller
Kill you in the name of Satan dump the body in the river
I make you shiver when I deliver
Disintegrate a bitch into a million pieces an then I make dinner with her
I’m steady slivered off a Evian and Adavan
It’s got me feeling grey as I retract into a world of hate
I’m catching bodies with my nickel nine in every state
Motherfuck a goon and what’s a goblin to a Norman Bates
Ted Bundy is to whom I can relate
I’m feeling great
Kool-Aid sipper and my Nikes look like Heaven’s Gate
Wait, I thinks it’s time to hit the interstate
I got a tendency of turning all my enemies in to steak
I’m PC bound
Never back down
Hacking a clown when I’m slapping around
Into my tech you get ten to the neck cause I got no respect when I’m blessing you down
Put on the mask with a permanent frown
Cut you up back out yo ass in the ground
Serial murder sinister minister menace I’m blasting off half of yo frown

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