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The Swinechamber Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – The Swinechamber Lyrics

I still dont know how to stop my rise of anger
You do not want to be in my line of danger
Dylan is a steady pimpin kind of player
Straight hoggin welcome to the swinechamber
If you want to step into my line of fire cross the line I hit you with the lightsaber
Had three 50's hidden in my left sock and damn near twenty 20's in my right player
Most people die and get put in the ground or get burned up and put in a pot
But I dont care
I dont give a fuck about a thing
Death can get me, im already in a nightmare
Year after year, wasted in my room
Smacked to try distract from why im here, til I woke up and I looked all around and saw everyone killing themselves out of fear
I do not want to be anything other than a speck of dust that can stack it in the clear
Jezebel is creeping out the shadows and over to me to whisper something in my ear
Who you really think you wanna wrangle with
Earn the banner that stars are spangled with
Even in heaven there's military issue ballistic vests on the angels and shit

Rozzy slowly rising out my fucking tomb
It's eleven but the drop off is at noon
Tell the Albanian lady with the long pretty hair "I'll be there soon"
Keep protection closer than the trojan action
Endless magazines hit you without discretion
Dylan going in
Here we go again
Deep inside my echo side without distraction
Pussy boy you need to get up of the corner
You ain't never gonna get your G diploma
Cus the world im living to protect is the same one that you been serving, slanging and destroying
Where you put the blame?
Yourself or the system that made you what you are now today
Little bit of both or only one way
Duckin one time
Retire one day
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