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Wonderland Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Wonderland Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
It’s the rule of Handzum character my word is word
I do not burn the fucking world down but I get the urge (daily)
Tattoos on my face
Logic made me never catch a case
Constantly harassed and never met a cop I didn’t hate (swine)
And nowadays I hate most music people just the same
It’s like they try to silence me cause I got ethics in my game
I’ll never be a worker ant because I like to work
The price that you put on yourself is what your life is worth
I’m on top of my shit but at times when I’m not I get what I deserve
Everybody knows right and wrong but when you lose your vision then the line gets blurred
Decalcified and fried off many different kinds of herb
Only the realest around me and so I definitely ride with Smurf
How many pounds in an ounce
(twenty thousand)
How many ounces in a gram
I’m bucking off the wham
With the work in my blood
As I creep with a fan and I do not give a damn
Anybody ever really wanna run up on me
Imma chop em’ like a salad
But I also got an army
With intent to make the planet better
But if you don’t get it you will never be down with the H-A-N-D-Z-U-M

[Verse 2: Black Smurf]
The life I’m living lately
Got me by myself still rockin
Solo Dolo nigga only trust myself still
Where I'm from you can die today bet you don't know how that feel
Court caught me on some old shit just glad he ain’t get killed
I’m just thinking while I’m loafing
Tryna keep my mind open
Ain't no reason why I'm smoking
I’m just living in the moment
My partner shot rounds in me
Really took me by surprise
Made me open up my eyes
Switched my whole entire grind
(real talk)
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