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Psychopaths Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Psychopaths Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rozz Dyliams]
Yeah lil' bitch I'm back
Booming old school wicked shit like crack
Thinking about a human carcass in a grinder when I go to sleep
When I wake up I get the motherfuckin axe
One chop, Two chop Three chop hacks in the backs of the lemon lames that can not hang with the mack
Its the master of gore
If this isn't what you after
Then open the door and be led by the laughter
Deep in my chamber
Where you get captured
And hacked into bits and then drained in my bathtub
Psychopathic brain over active
And no medication contain all the madness I have in it
I pull your jaw down and rip it off
I put my arm down your throat till it hit the bottom
Pull your motherfucking guts out
Play with em
Squish em' in my hands throw em' around
I love the killing cause I love the sound
Lets have a moment for the one strawberry blonde never found
The moments over now
But now that I think about it the night is young and I'm thinking about going out
Chopping and I'm hacking and I'm cutting like a psychopathic villain
I ain't listening to nothing but the voices in my head
That tell me make a big incision
Then I cut up in your head and scoop the motherfuking
Brains out like a pumpkin

[Verse 2: JGRXXN]
Pull that spine up out ya back collect it just like predator
Mind fuck yo soul
After that I just might bury ya
Wait I changed my mind
I'm a psychopathic character
Call yo Mom on phone as I'm slicing thru ya juggula'
I love crazy sluts
As I pull the knife up in her guts
She just laughs it off as she starts to lick a nigga nuts
Mask on my face
I don't say shit like that nigga Michael
I be in the bushes cause I always been a fucking psycho

Yeah, I've always been a psycho [x4]

Yeah bitch its all about clown love [x6]
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