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NineteenEightyThree Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – NineteenEightyThree Lyrics

Yo lets uh get into this next one
This is a uh remix of 1983 from uh 1983
Uh no hook nothing just straight verse
Peep this
Yes, please
Yes ma'am

What market am I suppose to break out to
When I make
Souled out Jazz you can make out to
I'm a take out two blunts and bake out too
Till I got the courage to ask if I can take out you
But even if my relationship sunk
My album stay slapping like an element of funk
Stay on my grind like the middle of the wheels
I'm always smoking even in the middle of my meals
Kicking my spill
Dish a raw deal
My lyrics is raw footage cause this is on the real
And this is on the real like
Mona Lisa sideways smiles on my penis for a long great while
I keep it kicking like P90X
You wanna talk hits motherfucker sign the checks
Or step up to a young ass rhyming vet
Who murders fake fucks like snuff cyber sex
I keep it gritty on every street that I walk on
I keep it gritty on every beat that I talk on
Like. This
Write. Hits
Like. Miss. You Like. This
I keep it gritty like
Crooked teeth shine pretty under city lights
It's really nice but ehh
I'm staying in tonight
I gotta really write these verses
As I'm slurping on a gin and ice
So give me a pen to write
And imma knock it out fast
And tear the track up like it had an ass
Ever last and passion on the mic and when I'm off it
Your girls guts I'm smashing often
If I was ever on the rocker then I'm off it
Hot coffee keep me rocking till I'm in the coffin
The beat west Nile sick bro
For me to spit sick flows spits for them limp knows
Pardon me I'm appalled at your verse
D Ross stay on call like a nurse
I serve up everything on the menu
All at once
At one time
At one venue
Listen to the essentials I send you
If it catches your attention I attend to
Lock it in your brain
All you rap lames are the opposite of strange and I'm obviously the most deranged
Maybe the most hardcore-est
Jazzy rapper that ever said fuck a chorus
That's me in the back I play the wallflower
Emcees catch a glance and they all cower
Is it cause they wanna be me (nah man)
Is it just cause they see me (aww man)
I'm conceited as fuck
And I go green cause I'm always weeded as fuck
I gotta
Baja with a secret pocket
Of a
Secret stash of illegal narcotics
I move a product of plastic and it's in jewel boxes
Biblical when I come with the strength of 2 oxes
The game is coke and I'm rocking it up
I'm flyer than some helicopters and stuff
Bitches fiend for the dog food like Old Yeller
And I spin old records like a propeller
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