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Evapor8ion Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Evapor8ion Lyrics

Don't make me wait, dont make me wait
Don't make me wait, dont make me wait

Zag, zag, the hardest out the gate
Movin' and i'm thinkin' in an elevated state
Vape, vape, cookin' weed with the vape
Blowin' Swisher Grape and I'm flowin' like a cape
Whats up with the energy
Imma straight pound on the scene
Like a gabber doin' a dance off of beans
I can see through you, trynna act mean
Even yellin' with a big deep voice like fiend
Had a couple failed attempts at scaring me
You don't need to rap, you need a different therapy
Everywhere I go everybody stare at me
Cause i'm such a damn G and I just got this air to me
Cleansed for mind, renewal and clarity
Keep purified as I ride to my beat
Handzum, since '91, you don't even know
Dylan Ross, buggin an jiggin across the bloody kitchen floor
I am always late but first to get impatient
Headin up out of the house but I got heavy expectations
Drippin' [?] and I'm bringing the handzum ultra-rave shit
Zaggin out to the beat, and then i'm beating down the pavement
Buckin up out of the frame with this nature and it's laced with
Drip drip drip drip out evaporation
Feeling just like Souvlaki Space Station
Providing entertainment and adjusting to basements

Don't make me wait, don't make me wait
Don't make me wait, don't make me wait
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