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Hey Hey, Rich Girl Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Hey Hey, Rich Girl Lyrics

Money In The Sky! [x12]

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
Hey Girl I'm all on your loins
Trying to get all of your coins
Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Heyyyy
Rich girl, come and make my day
Yo, I'm sick of dining and dashing
Jacking mix and matching high end fashion
So I needa little sugar momma type now
That got a black card and a weakness for white powder
And I keep her supplied with it
If she gives me a ride to my shows n shit
I gotta weakness for girls that got rich daddies
That like to take they panties off in the back of the cabby
That's you so cute but so nasty
I can smell your Chanel when you pass me and
I feel so amazing when
I got ya pulling money out the ATM
Don't think this is a fancy fling
I still need more fancy things
Polo, Ascot, Diamond ring and I gotta get a new wardrobe for the Spring
I. Want. To. See. You. Drop. It. So. Low. That. You. Could. Touch. The. Floor. Wit It


[Verse 2: Moka Only]
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