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All About Dat Money Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – All About Dat Money Lyrics

[Intro: Dylan Ross]
It’s me Dylan Ross I’m just in here vibing to my own shit
Zagging harder than a motherfucking bone
Ana With The World
Y’all been waiting a long time for this
So let’s drop it now
Let’s just get right the fuck into it

All About Dat Money Mane [x6]
Hopping on ya head
Now you dead, see nothing but red [x2]

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
As soon as the chicken release in my brain I will force you enter the mind of a mang
The gauge I’ll go band as I’m making a stang
And I’m on my ten toes like a G in the gang
Ugly as hell
Choking off the smell
Of ten busters decomposing on the well
Still down to kill every cop on the trail to the victim I left behind locked in a cell
Dodging and ducking and bouncing and bucking
And G walking on yo motherfucking coffin
So often I’m down to fulfilling sensation for robbery till I make you come off it
A mystical prophet with seizing a prophecy
Deep in my brain I’m about to release everything that I learned in the underworld
But now I’m coming back up with the mouth of the beast
Fuck the police
I wish I could kill everyone in the world with the lead from my piece
I will assure and make sure that the next one you catch is so hot that you feel like you freeze
Catch a disease and then die slow
Is what I wish upon my rivals
There is no restitution of survival when you meet the light of my rifle
Back of yo head
Back of yo head
I’m fully resurrected back from the dead
I am the only true God of this world although it’s contrary to what Jesus said
All black
Stanging and banging and wrapping a lemon lame up in a blanket
And putting his head on the pavement and hitting it with a hammer to keep it in containment

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