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Flower Patch Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Flower Patch Lyrics

[Rozz Dyliams]
Busta lemon lames drinking milk with they lemonade
Imma gettem
Imma gettem
Imma let my damn nuts hang
Over the banister and banish you deep into the flames
Run up in your dainty dwelling run up in that thang
R O Double Z wanna stang
Pull the rope out I am bout to run a train
Put it on my neck make sure that it's wrapped up tight kick the motherfucking chair and just swang
Let the bloody body hang in the rain
You don't wanna hear the one that's violently insane
You could never understand the process of a killer cause I feel just like I have termites in my brain
Got my whootys up, Got my whootys up
Bank account made outta yoga pants to keep stretching these large amounts
Forty band precisely, Forty plus inches
I made this my damn self motherfuck the music business
I got one axe, two axe, one chop, two hacks
When I'm on the mic
All I do is fill up body bags
Night after night come up to me if you not my zag
I put you under the map and turn you into a beautiful flower patch
I shatter hour-glasses
I ain't got no time to sit and fucking wait around for answers
I get mine and go
Handzum with a jawline like a serial killer that kill you where you stand
And if you standing in my way then with no mercy I must vanish ya
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