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Anaphora Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Anaphora Lyrics

[Verse 1]
All I do is dream about you all day
All I do is dream about you everyday
I could spend all of my life showing you how I feel in a real heavy way
Bring it back down and slow down
You know I got it going they know it now
Baby are you down to drown
Ten-Thousand [?] underneath all the expansion that you notice now
Whenever I'm with you I can focus out
All I ever want to do in this lifetime is hold you down
All I wanna do is love and above all else, you know I got enough love to go around
That's my A-1 rider since day one
The one who make the rain shutter and the hurricane cum
Strong enough to start my engine when I need to make it run
A real something else if you know what I'm saying hun

The coastlines sink when my blood flow
Wander through the wet then you fall through
Let the tide take you in when it sweep out
Galeforce Winds when I breathe out
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