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AssHole Lyrics

Mike Sherm – AssHole Lyrics

Prodigy on the beat

[Verse 1]
I'm a motherfucking asshole, bitch, I'm the shit
If I get her to the crib, I got to hit
Made her give it up quick, I robbed the bitch
I don't even call it rap, I'm talking shit
Me and G-Bo Lean hit, but ain't sock the bitch
It was a one hitter quitter, we dropped the bitch
Designer fit with them kicks I'm confident
I'm just a saucy ass nigga, no condiment
All I wanna do is eat, I need a meal
You can tell that I'm shining when you see the grill
If I bust in your gut, bitch, eat this pill
This nigga belt hella fake, how the fuck he real?
I only fuck from the back, I'm a real dog
Fruity niggas talking shit, get peeled off
Ain't got to pay for this fade, I'll still off
Cut your head from your throat and get it mailed off

[Verse 2]
All I do is talk shit, I'm an asshole
If I give her good dick, she a bad ho
Me and your bitch got history, I've been had those
First I put 'em to the test than I pass hoes
Small circle, but I keep a big bankroll
We the one giving L's, we don't take those
I be running up a check, I don't chase hoes
Handyman with them strips, bitch, I make those
Five hundred on the belt, I don't even wear it
Let her fuck the whole team, I don't even care
I ain't stingy with the bitch, nigga, I'ma share
Wifing shit that we hit, nigga, you a square
Little bitch on my dick, I'ma hit the ho
If my bro hit, I don't even wanna hit no more
Dope dick to your bitch, might give her a dose
When she fiending for the dick, she be doing the most
I ain't worried 'bout that chain, keep your bitch tucked
All that speaking on my name get your bitch fucked
You can't say you fucked my bitch, nigga, which one?
Dumb nigga, I can't even pick one
I'm married to the money, I don't love bitches
I do it for the birds 'cause I love chicken
I only give her dick, we ain't tongue kissing
I be smoking so much dope, think my lungs missing
Rest in peace Mac Dre, fuck the radio
I need fifteen hundred for a cameo
Bitch, I do it for my bills like Buffalo
If my bitch go broke, I'ma let her go
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