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Pop Out Lyrics

Mike Sherm – Pop Out Lyrics

Mmm, major League
Trev made this beat

[Verse 1: Mike Sherm]
We at least 20 deep when we pop out
Dumb nigga try somethin' and get stomped out
Groupie hoes wanna fuck 'cause I got clout
I got 20 plus tucked up in my house
Hella high off the take got me knocked out
I ain't even wanna fuck, I just got mouth
I'ont kiss her on the lips that ain't my style
Gettin' money 'wit no job like I dropped out
I never leave without it, it's a motherfuckin' habit
I ain't a hood nigga but I always keep a ratchet
I'ont know you keep starin' and I'm flashin'
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, bitch I'm blastin'
Gave her dope dick now she turned into a addict
I ain't got no kids but she swear I'm her daddy
I'ont hit sticks, only hoes wit' a fatty
Fuck her an her sis' I'ma keep it in the family
Keep a hand thang 'cause it might come in handy
Bad bitches love me, nerd niggas can't stand me
Money in my blood so I'm prolly where the bands be
One of my uncles prolly sold dope to yo' auntie nigga

[Verse 2: DaBoii]
Simon to his bitch
Lil' nigga, you's a randy
Bitch give me top, why you takin' off yo' panties?
I'll get yo' baby boy gone like a Plan B
Leave that lil' nigga wit' the fishes like he Sandy
Yeah my niggas love them drums they some band geeks
Turn a nigga big bro to a antique
And stop speakin' for your nigga let that man speak
Bitch I don't play 'bout my green, like I'm Stanley
Every strap got a stick it ain't no stocks around
Ain't no deuces or no Rugers, strictly Glocks around
I don't know how to treat a lady had no pops around
But I know how to drop off loads a hunnid shot around
I'll cut yo' ass off then forget I did
I'll fuck a nigga bitch then forget I hit
I'll run up in yo' house then forget the lick
Pull a skit on yo' mans, then forget the trip
And if a nigga want smoke then we blunt blowin'
Young and wild send my lions to go hunt for 'em
Go on a streak for them blues like I'm Martin Lawrence
I remember all the walkin' days now my car roarin'
We ain't into starin' games, what's eye lookin?
Try somethin', tried nothin', bet he type somethin'
In her head, in her guts I be mind fuckin'
And every time I took a flick nigga Ny took it, Bitch
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