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Hot Nigga Lyrics

Mike Sherm – Hot Nigga Lyrics

I'mma hot nigga
Hit your bitch once why you think she got thicker
Fuck then I cut I am not a time spender
I know I ain't shit just a perfect side nigga
I can get any bitch that I want to
Cut a bitch off I don't even want you
Begging for the dick bitch I don't even know you
I barely post pics because a nigga really old school
Why this bitch keep buzzin I don't answer
I fuck bad hoes only got standards
Coming at me because that's your bitch that shit backwards
Why he mad I'm his bitch favorite rapper
Go so hard that I make it look easy
So self made a lot of niggas wanna be me
Always been silent fake niggas can't feel me
They never think its the real me when they see me
Hottest nigga out but the bitch say I'm cold
Just bought a house and I barely even at home
If I don't wanna fuck bet she happy giving dome
I been having whips fuck around and by a boat
I ain't a dope boy but I got two phones
One for the money and another for the hoes
Always cop a new fit never wear the same clothes
Shittin on you niggas finna drop another load
I don't give a fuck no mo just hit that
I don't wanna touch that hoe
Remember I was down to my last now I'm still spending money that I made 12 months ago (woah woah)
New hoes but they sloppy I don't gang bang I fuck with player posse
I don't do the hate but I don't love on no thotty
Fuck a nigga bae now the fuck nigga salty
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