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40 Bars Lyrics

Mike Sherm – 40 Bars Lyrics

Tugger ona whip that shit sound like a harley
Fucking bad hoes my bitch look like a barbie
3 bands for a show you won't catch me at no parties
Ion fuck with niggas i'm a one man army
Everybody thuggin ona net niggas corney
As long as it ain't making me no money I ain't worried
These niggas want attention like these bitches they be thirsty
Im done fucking hoes, the first night they got a ermy
Fuck niggas want the fame shout out to you pussies
Suckas still sucking imma call you niggas groupies
Speaking on sherm niggas sound hella boosey
Pack a nigga out make a nigga wanna shoot me
Karma is a bitch we be bulyin the bullies
Acting like a bitch cause a bitch you a goofy
You ain't no real nigga might as well have a couchie
All about them benjamins my life is a movie
Been touch 20 i ain't even 21
These niggas wanna be me now i feel like 21
How you say you winnin you ain't even touch 100 hunds
Hit it then i dip i call it one and done
Yall bellievin all them rumors when they sound hella dumb
Walkin when you talkin lil nigga you a bum
I talk cash shit ion wanna see yo tongue
A1 credit score i can order me a lounge
My whole fam trill like [?] nect up
Fuck a bitch once now her friend next up
Ion speak game i just tell em lets fuck
That bitch had hella makeup now her shit messed up
All fam i ain't never had fans i never failed math all i do is count bands
See you kissing ona 5 all i do is fuck 10s saw that monkey in the corner somebody get they mans
Money is my main all i do is take trips with her
Glock thats my side id never take a pic with her
You probably ain't my bro if i ain't never fuck a bitch with em
Im always in her throat you ain't never see me kiss on her
I can't fuck with you niggas thats common sence
Its deeper than this rap dont get me started on these politics
Pops gave me game you can't even learn in college now im up about 100 give a fuck about your scholarship
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