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Talkin Shit Lyrics

Mike Sherm – Talkin Shit Lyrics

Treat yo bitch like a strap
I might have to buss it
Like a mothafuckin mac how I have her bussin
Bet it's 99 niggas, probably wanna bus me
9 times out of 10 that bitch wanna fuck me
All my niggas all bold, like they nose stuffy
In the dark mouth shine
Like it's fuckin' sunny
I ain't with the band gang but it's big money [x2]
Heard that weak ass diss song
It was hella corny
Niggas broke as a joke
This nigga funny
I was a lil saucey nigga
Never been bummy
Hella fresh like the day I came out the tummy
You wife that bitch
You a fuckin' dummy
I ain't even from the O
But you gone fuckin' love me
If I ever fuck yo bitch, she gone feel lucky
Just for talkin' out yo lips I'ma have her suck me
I never been a bitch
I'm a dog though
I'm slamming all these bitches, cause I ball bro
I got the bitch number
I don't call her though
If it ain't 'bout no money
Why you call hoe
I just fuck a nigga bitch
Why you mad nigga
Hope you don't think it's all good
Cause it's bad nigga
Test me, straight F, no pass nigga
No homo
But you know I'm on yo ass nigga
I think I touched more money than a old nigga
If her money ain't right I'm the wrong nigga
Fuck a hoe, do a bitch so bold
I'm the hottest youngin' out
But the bitch say I'm a cold nigga
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