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Jackass Lyrics

Mike Sherm – Jackass Lyrics

U say u don't suck dick bitch u childish
Saucy ass nigga no need for a stylist
The wings on my jeans got me flyer than a pilot
Ion got a stack cause the money keep piling
My P stand player all my hoes is the finest
Phone keep buzzing like that shit caught virus
Hit it on camera and my shit going viral
I'm a side nigga what the fuck is a title?
Fuck a nigga bitch now he sick stop whining
Ain't worried about you suckers just waiting on Perfect timing
Hottest nigga out like the sun bitch I'm shining
Im a dick head quit acting like a vagina
She ain't let me fuck now I'm mucking on her patna
This bitch psyched out want me to hit with no condom
She ain't talking commas, I ain't even hearing it
You a nasty nigga tried to fuck her on her period
Vroom vroom u can hear it in my engine
I don't pillow talk that's another form of snitching
I got em like weather nigga who ain't got no bitches
Fucking hoes back to back ask Darryl that's my witness
Only wanna fuck ion ever wanna kick it
All my hoes thick like a mother fucking midget
I like that wet wet make me bust in 5 minutes
I hate that dry pussy ion even wanna finish
Ion really give a muthafuck about this rap shit
Don't got no credit card cause I'm always talking cash shit
Got too many dimes hit it once then I pass it
I got 100 bars what the fuck I look like passing
I ain't showing love wanna verse ima tax em
Catch a net nigga up in person ima max em
Ballin on these niggas I be flexing like an athlete
If rap don't work ima get it out her ass cheeks
Shout out to my driver every trip I'm in the back seat
Pull up low-key cause the bitches trying to attack me
Niggas wanna bust because they bitches always slap me
Ain't trippin off u hams cause we keep a couple patties
Keep a tuck spot in case the rollers try to jack me
All you niggas do is fuck ducks like Daphne
Whole fit wet don't get close I might splash em
All white kicks shit look like they ashy
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