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Nightmare Lyrics

Mez – Nightmare Lyrics

Khyrsis, King Mez
For the 919

[Verse 1]
Nightmare to all of the mic grippers
Cause I be on they mind, homie Im like clippers
Now they starting to stress
Hoping Im doing less
Cause I keep the heat
My sentence is like zippers
Hearing is like jitter
Now they starting to notice
And its making them worry
While Im feeling quite chipper
So when you chilling with women
And sipping on white liquor
Im elevating my thoughts like this right here
Im discouraging MCs, thats another dream dead
Jordan number 4's in the color scheme bred
Denim hella stiff when Im cuffing each leg
When Im chillin, politi-tic'in a-all this blood shed
But figured I might as well only spit about possessions
Cause everyone seem to be balling through this recession
The lone rebel soldier trying to get iller weapons
So when he throw bullets don't go for the interception
And barely its been a blessing, watching you take for granted
Like kitchen counter-tops I used to could never stand it
Now my mental demand it
Just for the mockery
Because of you, I know exactly what not to be
Sadly but properly, mad at me probably
Cause you tried to denounce me, gradually possibly
Yeah you should appease, you P's, I'm P-O-D's
Never worry about you, worry about G-O-D
And this warrior daddy telling me that I need to be
Would've been it by now if I hadn't seen the screen
Trying to convince me, people my color shouldn't dream
Where the women called hoes and the money called cream
If its energy saving for the future of the world
Then its wack, but that all black Monte Carl mean
Surround myself with people who all but y'all seem
Like you keep together linen, we through any weather winnin yeah
Ambition wrapped around my neck like tightly coiled steel
There ain't much I can do, its like a oil spill
My life been hard and I'm under the soil still
So I leave the milk out, want to know how them spoils feel
Hard to see victory yeah, but I'mma toil still
Promise that I will make it, I got a loyal will
And everybody that I meet got faith in me, respect me, and say to me
My demeanor got a royal fill
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