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Beats One Freestyle Lyrics

Mez – Beats One Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro: King Mez]
Go ahead baby
Go ahead baby
Go ahead baby
Go ahead baby

[Verse 1: King Mez]
The few that knew had reason enough to be worried
Terrified by the righteous king and his illustrious journey
He who never fell never climbed but I ain't worried with god
I'ma be 23 and you won't see a scratch in my jersey, they don't believe it
Maybe I should have showed him
The lines spread out from my house saying lonely
I know since south side niggas probably running yo homie
All this talk in the internet put a clip in your motor and reload
But niggas say they love me, man I doubt they do
Family got a little bigger though, these one in Apple too
Ain't been in this too long
Some niggas burning bridges when they timers supposed to come they [?] cause they miss they que
While I got em, just waiting before they can get the streets
They know I'm another version, they know I'm a murder beast
Your chain standing along [?]
Gotta keep some niggas with you mean that you six feet deep
Got em, sneak disses, I know you wrote you some
Ignorant sentences, just don't let em [?] too close to the song
I'm hungry for more, moving slo-mo
And your [?] bullet like Nike roshe run
I'm headed to the top [?]
Just got a call man the cops shinin'
Can't see cause the watch blind em
I'm in a Bentley blind em, and the Glock blind em
Saw that everyday with my razor, your little problems I do not mind em
Check the record, I made it
You can try to debate it
Then act like your playlist won't be just King
And won't be your favorite
The diamond under the soil that made it
At first they played it
Now praise it just to appraise it
Yeah, Beats One, lemme hear that back

[Outro: Dr.Dre]
This is Dr.Dre and you have been inside the Pharmacy
And for that, I'll like to send a worldwide thank you
Never have so many done so much for so few
Our business since I was here are now over and out
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