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The Shift Lyrics

Mez – The Shift Lyrics

The shift is so amazing
Yeah, the shift is so a...
Shift is so amazing, so amazing
Now, I remember all the days when...
When I couldn't do these things and
And now the shift is so amazing
The shift is so amazing
Yeah, the shift is so amazing
God brought me through my pain and
And things ain't been the same and
I mean the shit is so amazing
I mean the shit is so amazing
Yeah, run it

[Verse 1]
I know a L.A. girl who like to roll weed up (ya)
She just like to keep her mind freed up
Ride around town in a two-seater
Only think about trying to get a loose leaf up
But she heard Mez 'bout to push Ranges
He the boy, shit he might be like, "change it"
Keanu Reeves with piano keys
And it was so many people who ain't ever believed
It remind me of a teacher who heard about my life like
Shit, like I was never gon' make it
She was supposed to reach us, damn, guess she here for the paycheck
Then she hit the lounge, where they take their breaks at
Told her friend, "his pops hit it with the latex"
In a couple years said, "probably rob a liquor store"
I wanted a (?), she said I would spray techs
Damn, "can a nigga live?"
"Can a young nigga give something to society other than a kid, other than some motherfuckin' life sentences?"
Couple years I....
They so worried 'bout the thing I (they so worried 'bout)
Worried 'bout...(worried 'bout)
Worried 'bout the things I do
Before anybody help my name up high
Before the hoes took time to call my line
I was hustlin' and stayed up on my grind
I was once told that rich is a state of mind
So I stayed in mine
And I kept the track blazing, showed the patience
Told the Lord I wouldn't waste it
All this time, so amazing
So amazing

The shift is so amazing
Yeah, the shift is so a...
Shift is so amazing, and the pain that it came with
It's the strangest...
God brought me through my pain

[Verse 2]
Please don't get (?)
They so strategic
Live my whole life in a nigga dream
Don't fuck with the 'Gram or the Twitter too much, 'cause the net like the last team in the Final Four, I'm focused (nigga)
"Can't ya'll see that we need soldiers?" (nigga)
"Can't ya'll see shit go unnoticed?"
"Can't ya'll see we kill each other, they win, nigga, they eliminate both of us!
Whites got us again, they drop Quaaludes and hip-hop shifted
(?) the whole shit like (?) did
I knew I was gifted, when I watch how everything shifted
I was way down and I got lifted, my Lord!
So here go my repentance, when I start my reign, the road get wet
I might get drifted
Shit, I might blow racks, I like expensive
Me and my niggas might hit hoes, they might get twisted
Man, came a long way
Used to tell Verizon, "I need a slight extension"
Now it's two phones on me like it's white I'm pitching
And I'm sitting in a coupe with the finance missing
Paid for dawg

Shift is so amazing
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