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Intro (My Everlasting Zeal) Lyrics

Mez – Intro (My Everlasting Zeal) Lyrics

They make me think it's hardly fair
The way I wear my Cartier
Rep my city but I'm hardly here
Shark in the water, y'all beware
I'm everywhere you not (not, not)
Your eyes be on the things they make you watch (watch, watch)
And y'all declare you so much different than your peers
In the mirror holding your Nike Airs
And coconut Ciroc (Ciroc)
Like that make you rarer than women with they Barbie hair
How can I blame the other races for expecting us to crash?
I mean for real, we hardly steer
So I can tell you bout my story
And my future rides to glory
But I hear that all the time
And honestly, that's about to bore me
Why not delegate on females
Blowing money on retail?
That's all you tryna hear anyway
Really? So be well
Not on my conscience
As a species, mentally we frail
Pray to God every morning (?)
Before my email
And I used to think one day we'd reveal
But attention to detail
Got me seeing how we rag on these jails
These youngn's got (?)
I try to touch they soul
But that's something I can't force
So I should rhyme about my Range Sport
Cause when you talking money, bread sticks
Yeah, right before the main course
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