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Timely Fashion Lyrics

Mez – Timely Fashion Lyrics

Through the glasses the wine be flashion/ and
All the food come in tiny rations/ plus
All the ladies gone be fine and dancing/
But I'mma get to it a timely fashion Timeley Fashion/
To the labels tryna sign me fastest/ cause
They can tell that Im gone be lastin/ yo
Though I want it wit a timeless passion/
I know I'mma get there in a Timely fashion

[Verse 1]
See I see the game like a party/
Cosigns have the same effects as bacardi/
Take it to the head you may never leave your bed cause you drunk off coulda beens and hardlys/ yea
I been known to handle bars like a harley/
Even after feedin me compliments I be starving/
When I get to it I may never leave the game, establish longevity ill be farving/ number fo/
And Ill be teaching rookies anything they wanna know/
OG's did the same for me, so I wanna show/
That same love/
And Show strength like Zangief in the game/
But It'll all come in time, won't be rushing tho/
They mighta said I wouldn't make it theyll be hushin tho/
Alot people told me they havnt seen such a glow/
Or worked as merry since the now legendary were they teamates/
And I won't be gettin comfy so/


[Verse 2]
Errybody callin my phone like my nigga/
You need to hurry up cause its girls and mad liquor/
But to be really honest, that ain't really the reason that im goin, I just wanna feed my fam wit my figgas/
And, use words to breed some rad scholars/
Teach the next generation over cuffin mad dollars/
Gucci Louis and keep my lady in mad prada/
I would really rather just drop gems like mancala/
They sayin that ain't the rapper thing to do tho/
Get gold fronts show teeth like kujo/
Be flashy, you know/
So they know its numbers in yo hand like uno/
I mean
Thats cool I appreciate your offer/
But if I do decide to get jewelry it be armor/
Cause if you gone floss just be ready the scope or be brushed from the teeth of lady karma/

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