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Swerve Lyrics

Mez – Swerve Lyrics

I can't sleep, can't sleep, got insomni-ay
Get my rest after death, that's the only way
Girl, you be with them squares who be trying to play
You should be around the squares on my dime of yay

The ratio of women practicing fellatio
The number who won't cheat on a nigga honestly may be low (huh)
Nigga they ain't gon' let down my baby, though (shit)
Bet she do it for that Mercedes, though

Oh nigga I don't even try to lie (huh)
My people aloft, they get high and fly
Well, do you want to ride or die?
Nigga dah-dah-du-dah-du-dah-du-dah

That's what they tell me when the
Cop pull me over cause he say I'm 'bout to swerve
So I pull that Benz's body to the curb
Got a bad baby with me and we listen to my song
But she don't speak English so she never sing along with me
All my niggas here a hundred fifty strong with me
If you find me you might be going home with me
Nigga it ain't the clothes or the hoes
Or the money bankrolls
What's my worth in this world, my nigga?

You want a Range Rover?
You ain't got the right whip do ya?
Keep it real, and it stick to ya
You got nigga's hating on your team?
Your mouse broke, you ain't got the right click do ya?

Some of my family changed
Some of 'em love me the same
This is all part of the game
So you run your mouth
I'ma be running these lights and switching these lanes
But I won't be like you syringes just living your life in vein

Give me that Benz nigga
German car's what I prefer
I ain't worried about my loans cause I got 'em undeferred
They try and kill my dreams, I didn't e'en say a word
But you send me to the wars I'ma come back with a verb on ya (yah!)

In our neck what they got their foot in
Taking away from my culture, you never put in!
You need the South when you talk about bank accounts
I'm like jackets with zippers on the collar:
I bring the hood in (oh... yeah!)

And do you dance nigga? (yeah)
Do you dance nigga? (uh... yeah... yeah)
Then raise your hands nigga (yeah)
Then raise your hands nigga

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