(Verse 1)
There's a cold far away behind
I can't explain it that is just the side of me
Whenever you moved to my destiny
Just as the world is falling apart to the ground
No time for regrets everytime
Some days I like to face myself

You are so darkness cause
Anything goes wrong when you don't need me for protection together
But you can't let anything far behind
That I love you for understand my rules
When you feel back to my arms
So what you don't care at all
And I know there is regrets and magic together
I just want you to become my love intersted for love

(Verse 2)
You can't show me somehow
Not a clue is fallin' down
But I'm trying to find my way to the soul
When I see you in the eyes
Colors changes when your so hairy
Did you want anything when you love my heart
They are flying everywhere to show you my destiny

(Verse 3)
Maybe I can't live without you forever
All I can take for magic
This can't flown a away to pass me by
Everything cares for you that I don't want it to blame
It feels your power to hide the pain in my heart
Don't let it beat you down
I will always love you for who I am
(I know everything about you doesn't the feel the way. I can protect you
And always be there for you babe)
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You Are So Darkness Lyrics

Lexia Allies – You Are So Darkness Lyrics