Yesterday I was in the feelings alone
Before you dare to speak
As you wish to be something beautiful
If I didn't tell you have to lie
When I fold you like a bird
Like feelings aren't worth to me
If you notice a smile in the background
Doesn't feel like today
Just I had no wonder in half a missing broken tears
If I drown in love
Didn't I see where you belong
How I discovered. Discovered that days gone by
I just throw your heart away
As if I'm going up
Taste a fear going on
So much walking for life
Ooh. Yeah
[Verse 2:]
You called me that think about
I just had no one to talked
But only one friend of mine
You gone dizzy in the world
So can't run in tracks
Like I need one barely truth to dare to dream
If you notice a smile in the back
[Verse 3:]
Rest in cool air
Make me feel so happy
Did I ever pick a war on you
But I even trust a lie
Try to make me a little bit fun
Just how I wonder to see you in the mirror
How I come alive through a yesterday
If you notice a smile in the back
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Days Gone By Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Days Gone By Lyrics