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Stay Close For Me Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Stay Close For Me Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I remember how you just pulled me in
There is nothing you couldn't stop me
But you dare to stay the moment i live in
Don't you care what i almostly hide behind
Can't you take it through everytime i kiss you

Won't you just stay close to me
Everything you do is so damn right
You won't leave me because i love the heart in you
Don't promise to tell before
Reaching for the sky is just for you
Just stay close to me before i wanted to ask
From the moment to the pass for young
Plz just stay close to me
(close to me,close to me,close to me,close to me)

(Verse 2)
If your staring in the window thinkin' of me
Won't you try to see me in the eyes
Let the spirit pass you by tonight
It's almost the moment to leave
Never ever gonna think of a move
I want to leave this house so i can see you

(Verse 3)
You see me crying in the rain
Taking this pain just float to my soul
The day i first met you were into the moving points
Like you let one fall down on my knees
Sometimes i breath the moment to float it away
I want to hurry you fast as love it taking for us
(love is taking for ussss) (yeah)
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