(Verse 1)
If you know them why-why-why-why
Just let me go to far of the ground-ground-ground-ground
Just give me a hour to breath into my soul
I let him love me forever
Not to hold on as tighting in the hands

As I gave you the punch
Won't you find me in easy to grabbing to the strings as now
But everytime you loose out of my weakness for tonight
That won't let it easy on me
Drive like a race car out of the street
Pushing tighting system won't break easily
Trying to break out of my mind forever
Get you what is so impossible to be
Let me go out of the distance
Won't let it easy on me

(Verse 2)
Make me burn as you run-run-run-run
When you get close to the cams-cams-cams-cams
Maybe when I am willing to try this fight
Don't like you touch me hard
I can see mine gun on the ground. Yeah

(Verse 3)
Turned it off before you destory me out of shape
Let me count before I do change your mind
What is the rights to let me go
Before you make the wrong side
Can't you break one more as you leave
Don't say when I'm gone
I can't leave you that I hate you
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Won't Let It Easy On Me Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Won't Let It Easy On Me Lyrics