It goes on every minutes tonight
When you got to be free to see
There was nothing to explain is
So you gone with the wind
That can't get some control of me
We got the earth in your hand
Don't push it farway

We can shared this moment inside of my heart
Something is gone whiter for gone
Maybe I can turned this power against this shoulder
When it bast the world to perfect lifetime
Don't freak the hell out of me
Just give me some love that wonders like crazy before
This lights won't be damn as furture
Like your my true love that against s** before
Nothing feels no more destiny in my hand

[Verse 2:]
When I hold on before
I can't feel your hands at all
Can you promise me when you see the dark of me
So much thinking plans when you freaking lost your mind
Like your life with me
Maybe I say I love the world

(Nicki Verse)
Your tune is my world
I can't save it from my destiny
Let that stupid hell of a god
Don't let no trouble in her
We can ditch the whole day
Just a fight that you can win
Maybe I am the strongest girl who can fight
Live out my whole hell of a shit
Just kicked my destiny to danger
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Bast The World Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Bast The World Lyrics