The back steat got everything on it's arm
Do you let me just try for the moment
When I drive in the night
There's a chance to push it by
Did I ever noticed the flames tag on my car
As you know the whole thing above us

Whoa. Maybe I got for every hard dance away
But moments are chasing bad reality
So we were taking the piece of mine
That he just picture of us
As you know dancing with the beat
Can't you remember the whole live
And willing to try the vase in this case
But I got everything on the card... Mmm yeah

[Verse 2:]
So you think you have the choice
I can be the one right next to you
Just when you swear to the lovely harder bitch
Like you let me in for everything piece of heart
When you feel a moment free

[Verse 3:]
Don't you live with the person
Tag with freshmore with reality
But I push you away
So I got everything on your heart
The days are not coming way to far
So I care for the hard of me
(Hey guy. It's doesn't matter if he does the picture. And yes really)
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Picture Of Us Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Picture Of Us Lyrics