It's the worth you try to take me on
I can't let it go before this time
Just as only when you believe in me
And I can't take no more trouble you got
When I say anything wish on me
Your stronger and I can't take it no more

Wish I would believe in yourself with me
When you say everything I love the most
Just when you can't blame me for more trouble
You can't blame me what I did to you
But there is no action to left behind
When I strong the words I ever know
Maybe you can stay rip out of my life
Just you can't blame me for people you met
Ain't worth it for my trust as a single time

[Verse 2:]
Not when you say my love is right to me
Wish I can't take my trust as you
With no more secrets or lies don't play with me
Just strong out to keep it to yourself not me
Don't ever knock it to my blame and I know your's forever

[Verse 3:]
Maybe your not the panic or the destes
When your just laugh at you
But I love the most I do not you blame for somebody
Let it between my world but everytime you can't let somebody knew about me
I want to became stronger for wish
And don't take me back for blaming
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Can't Blame Me Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Can't Blame Me Lyrics