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The New Me Lyrics

Lexia Allies – The New Me Lyrics

It's so different than the old onces
Tryin to flames path on me
Don't even try to where it started
Where do you make me like the new onces
Something ordiany isn't like the same
But you got me spinning around like a circle

Can you take me back for every onces good
When this got to be the same as me
Don't you explain for the new me is back
Maybe you just find the way as I am me
Seconds tries is pulling me for the weekend
As you like it how I treated as onces
But not how I make me smile for my new love

[Verse 2:]
Waiting in the dark as I am ready
If you know how I am real
It's all about me with your shoulder top
So I couldn't make as I wanna loose my direction
With the make up as I wanna you back
So much lives with joy with me

[Verse 3:]
Got so magical what I feel inside
Make me smile when you fly away
It's so beautiful to see how I feel about you
Trying not feel how I see make me go wrong
As I go in the direction is not how you feel the same way
How I joy this new me inside of my heart
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