(Verse 1)
Worthing of my dream for so long
I can't commuciate with you
All my favorite things to do
I can drive you crazy well that's all me
Well you feel the same way
But you take it over
Just like I told you before
Something is alright with me

Anyway I can just feel the spark
Nothing change out of my mind forever
I can't let you down for my friends
It to me when they are jealous best friend
When I get a new guy of part of me
You can tell me over and over one more time
Like you are mind in my heart
I can stand with just in mind
Whatever you came down with the tears of my mind
Just the jealous best friend
(Jealous best friend, Jealous best friend that is his my all yours)

(Verse 2)
Together that won't try to take me
Finding my hopes to come in
When I found a place to your world
Something in my hand like a bird
My friends stared in the window with the guy I have
You can't take me back for more love of you

(Verse 3)
So you can get over me that I can't this dream
But anyway I just needed some time without you
Just try to believen me for long
Minds and all of yours to be again now
Take my sides all of yours good
When be the only one to be
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Jealous Best Friend Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Jealous Best Friend Lyrics