It's across the heart that I can't be noticed
When you try to save me out of life
But somehow I can't explain
Maybe you gone the words through my hand
Don't come alive feeling who you are
And nothing goes to spark to rise

When the world coming crashing distance
Something went to faraway to begin
Or you know it the flames out of rise
Or broken arrow close to far apart with you
Not gonna let one fall down to the ground
Seating up feeling who am I today walking fast as no where
Just is or broken arrow

[Verse 2:]
Seems your shinning back as me
Like your the one feeling empty
Sometimes I can't loose my mind
When you walk so crazy in my direction
There is no turning back for tomorrow
You see where I just saw the rise to my feet

(broken arrow, broken arrow, broken arrow, broken arrow)

[Verse 3:]
It my dreeming that you came here
But it hard to say I can't made forever
That you came to my life feeling all over again
It's not for who I am
As you begun feeling lonely like your the die of my heart
Can't made thousand of turns
Trying to fall back down
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Or Broken Arrow Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Or Broken Arrow Lyrics