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Feeling Hestiated Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Feeling Hestiated Lyrics

It got to down because
Something went wrong to soon
There has not been no charm to break the words of me
I defead my life to the lost
But you can't tell me what to feel inside
Just as you make me work
Doesn't mean it has avrrived right now

You are just telling the rights to feel for love
When I came around feeling hestiated
You just say out loud
Before you go
I wanna tell you a favor now
It just feeling hestiated to be
I am dancing all the way for a stop look
Doesn't tell me where to go
But you are the one to feel the moment to be alive
Just did eveything to dance my night out
Going before you did as me
It just has to been feeling hestiated
(Hestiated, Hestiated, Hestiated, Hestiated)

[Verse 2:]
Don't let nobody think your own
Maybe your just the way you are
So I can think about you all day just as boring
Do you wanna say the moment is clear
No more listen to junk adivce
Telling what you got just as exciting to be
Force to break the law of a dream law
Most think you are a dancer on the street
I wanna see what you

[Verse 3:]
Dancing all the way down
Before sunrise to come down
Let it control for you
Don't let the trouble of you
It seem the sun goes to heaven
But your going way to deep
I might feel hestiated by you
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