(Verse 1)
You made it so sweet
Like the words of a love song
That being the whole plan for you
When it runnin out that i believe
Don't you worry about me

You were in my hand forever
But I'm gonna keep moving til the morning
When you shut up and kiss me.. Yeah Yeah
So you think who you are now
Let the movin tell you what to do
Like you could almost hear my name
When you shut up and kiss me (Shut up & Kiss Me) (Shut up & Kiss Me)

(Verse 2)
I came to the light that takes me away
But it such a feeling like the lies came out
Not when that person inside of you
Make me so damn wreak now
Just you can hear myself in the studio

(Verse 3)
Can i moved your hand to closer mine (Baby)
What I can do to make you happy for the day (Baby)
It seems like this from the hour (shut up and close your mouth)
I just don't wanna tell it so cold of the love
Don't matter your with me
With the this thousand of years take me away
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Shut Up & Kiss Me Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Shut Up & Kiss Me Lyrics