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50 Of Em (Remix) Lyrics

Killumantii – 50 Of Em (Remix) Lyrics

At the T.O.P where you find me
I got A&R nigga’s tryna sign me
I said I pull up, 50 nigga’s come behind me
Machete cut a nigga shit like salami
Watch all these fake nigga’s fold like origami
Leave a nigga block swimming in tsunami’s
The choppa eat a nigga brain like a zombie
Then chop the body up and we send his ass to mommy
That talking shit will get a nigga shot
I said I hate a bitch that claim she ain’t a thot
“Imma child of god, boy I ain’t no thot”
But you could suck a bullet out a fucking Glock
I keep a thick knot rolled up in my sock
Got that nigga with me and that nigga box
And this 45, I got 50 shots
5 more nigga’s down a couple blocks
Yea I know some nigga’s, Yea I know a lot
Get ya daughter snatched, get ya shit rocked
Bust yo’ bitch whip when that 40 hit
Drag her out the car and get to dogging shit
Yea, it’s killa season, got a bunch of reasons
Cracking down on nigga’s and we ain’t easing
On the ground screaming, Got that nigga wheezing
Ice on my wrist, yea that bitch freezing
Bless a nigga bitch like the hoe was sneezing
Got a lot of cheddar so of course i’m cheesing
He ain’t talking dollars then of course i’m leaving
Blow his face off, Leave his momma grieving
Yea that 45 will leave his spine bleeding
Posted on the couch with his brains leaking
Leave his body shaking and his ass tweaking
And we hit up rats if we catch ‘em squeaking
Money on my mind yea that’s all i’m seeking
Bust that nigga jaw when that nigga speaking
Bloody mouth and shit, left that nigga leaking
And ion fight fare bitch i’m always sneaking
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