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GoddamnGoddamn Lyrics

Killumantii – GoddamnGoddamn Lyrics

How do you complain about the niggas that you still continue to hang with?
That's lame shit
Watch the game switch
I'm tryna leave the with the niggas that i came with
And we want a lot of shit
So I can't quit
Fuck being perfect
Just keep it real sis
Hold up yo end of the deal sis
At least talk to me before you talk about me bitch
Alot of niggas want shit but don't go and get it
Keep yo head up nigga
Stay focused and committed
Use every last day as a way to run it up and go and get it
Hit the Army up nigga
Go be a soldier or lieutenant
'Cause there's more shit to life than flipping bricks inna kitchen
Selling shit onna corner catch a case
Law Order
And I heard you like to argue so hit up a college
Then to to school to turn yourself into a lawyer


A lot of yall ain't got plans
Run around with guns in yall hands
Dropped out just to sell grams
With yall mans



The fuck are yall finna do
When the streets don't choose you?
And now you struggling tryna make it through

Goddamn Goddamn
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