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Prayed On My Downfall Lyrics

Killumantii – Prayed On My Downfall Lyrics

[Verse 1: Killumantii & Jontavian Barber]
These niggas prayed on my downfall
Nawl, these bitches prayed on my downfall
Look, on all ten bitch we stood tall
Nobody loyal, don't know who to call
Fuck that
These niggas stay talking shit, but these niggas ain't tryna hit
She talking shit? I smack her lips, 'cause these bitches is counterfeit
Get the money, make it flip
Secure the bag, make it zip
Fuck a trend, I am a trend
Fuck being friends, we setting trends
Keep yo' mouth closed bitch
Run in that hoe and getcho shit smacked, pushed back, ain't no coming back, when that choppa hit, it flip shit and we dip quick
Niggas and bitches bunny hoppin, friends yall Ruby and Max now
No WWE, but you'll get yo' shit smacked down
Females claiming that they here, but where is you at now?
"Bestfriend, bestfriend"
Where the fuck is you at now?
Niggas really didn't support, but they looking for handouts, you wasn't there when I was down, so why the fuck would you ask now?
Hanging with me for the clout, hoping shit will get past down, the only thing passed down is y'all hoes, passed around
Passed around she a thotty thotty
Off a perp?
No prolly molly
Give her my number she prolly call me
They ain't lurking, they prolly stalking
Back to back like I'm fucking Drake
Fuck the noodles, I want a fucking steak
Do this shit every fucking day, no I don't fucking play
That was "the joke side" bitch, so dont take that shit for play, we'll still pull up and find out where you stay
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