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Hitman Lyrics

Killumantii – Hitman Lyrics

[Intro: Razaar}
You ain't got shooters
We got shooters
Wait [x4]

[Verse 1]
How yall bout 50 deep, but yall sharing one gun
All black, Chevy truck, Macs out, then they run
But I ain't even pull the trigger
I just do that shit for fun
See me leave his ass smoking, like some noodles when they done
The chopper burn that nigga up
Like he was too close to the sun
Raid the stash ,then we deep, nigga that's a hit-and-run
All the shit that I did can-not be undone
All yall niggas is my kids and I ain't got a favourite son
Lately I've been out patrolling
Macs knocking niggas down like we bowling
Killer wrist, once ill, now it's frozen
That mouths dropped when Killa 'witched like Roven
Killa cut them all off like Foreskin
All we need is a time, baby
Where and when?
The Glock stay in the coupe like it's built in
Kick the door down quick when we break in

[Short Interlude]


[Verse 2]
Killa be the man with the semi in the back (woah)
Riding with a bunch of puerto ricans with some tatts (damn)
Gotta keep the shorty on me
Baby, Ion neva lack
So could neva fuck his 40, boys riding in the back
On the celly with plug,he said he might be comin' back
But if ain't talkin' 'bout, hang it up just like a plaque
That nigga ain't cha 'broke', every duck nigga quack
He gone always hype you up
But that don't mean he gotcha back
Gotta keep your tooly on you, case your main mans crack
Only grew up on them niggas
Keep it rolling , don't look back
Remember you was starving
And they wold give yo ass a snack
Bring hell to them niggas, go cut them off , no slack
Gotta keep your shit flowing
Gotta keep your bread stacked
And fuck a hater nigga and his black feedback
I'm gonna leave that nigga bloody, 'til his eyes roll back
How you a hater ass nigga with your bread not stacked?
I'll break a bitches back, like a pencil when it snaps
Like a pencil when it snaps brrr
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