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Killumantii – STOP TESTING ME Lyrics

Quit testing me like im a bitch i ain't never scared to say shit, "she never day shit when i come aboard" bitch i will yell this shit through a blowhorn
And when i catch you baby you's a done bitch, when you hear my name you better run bitch, and ain't no "poppin up with gang shit" cuz i be running the niggas that you hanging with, and dem facts

Im convinced that you just want attention cuz you be talking shit with no action, this choppa make em sing like Joe Jackson, watch me take em out like subtraction, shorten the dialogue like contractions, split a bitch in half like a fraction, yeah her nigga want me that's attraction
But nowadays bitches block me just to talk shit, scary ass lil bitch @ me so my name can be clicked, and if you hearing shit from another bitch, then get the fuck on with that shit

And if you running to snap before you tell me, then get the fuck on with that shit
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