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Good Form Lyrics

Killumantii – Good Form Lyrics

Alexa tell these bitches shut the fuck up
Cause coming for the kid ain’t gone do nun but get you fucked up
And I’m still gettin this bag
So ain’t no need to get ya hopes up
Yeah she hate me but be all up in my face just like a close up
Seen her ass in person and that lil bitch liked to choke up
Would of thought you was the chain around my neck the way she froze up
Dislike me but don’t know lil hoe you need to grow up
She tough as fuck online
So I thought she would of spoke up
So I hit a nigga dm with the hearts
Yeah I be slidin
Don’t take that shit to heart tho
Cause nigga I be lying
I want his money and his bands
What the fuck can you buy me
Took his coins and then I dipped some where that Nigga couldn’t find me
I don’t care what bitches say
Or believe what bitches claim
Cause what they do and what they say are two comepletely different things
And if we talking say my name
I’m not ya fucking sis
If it’s posted it’s intentional
You ain’t peep shit
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