Late one night when I'm lying in my bed, I hear his words, they echo in my head.
Who we are, what we should do, what we'll receive, when the work is through.
I've been touched by the hand of fate.
The winds of change fuel the flames of hate.
Sometimes I wonder why we're the only ones, who see the real solution and know what must be done.

I'm a martyr and I'll die for the cause
I live by our own set of laws

You say you're blessed, he's smiling down on you. You'll always win, no matter what we do.
You're so naive, you've never seen a war,
Devastate your county, desecrate your shore.
Cities burned down, bodies lying in the street.
Children dying, no food left to eat.
Soon you will know, a little of our pain, we've nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I'm a martyr and I'll die for the cause
I live by our own set of laws
The groundwork has been laid
The final hand is played

You say that we're not right, you say it's an unholy fight.
Well I say there's no right or wrong.
There's only you the weak - And us the strong

Somewhere In Middle America:
The mall is crowded, people everywhere.
Tending to their business, of me they're unaware.
Just an old man sitting down for a rest.
With 40 sticks of dynamite strapped to his chest.
I hear his voice again calling out to me
"When it is over is when you'll be free!"
So with a smile and a prayer to my lord, I push this button and go to my reward.
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The Martyr Lyrics

Intruder – The Martyr Lyrics