It all started with a light in the sky.
I was driving home from work when my engine died.
Well I'm no coward - I'd rather fight than run.
But when I looked from my window that night,
I nearly came undone.

So big it filled the sky, as it rose from the sand.
So scared I was gonna die, I left my car and I ran.
It turned without a sound, as it came for me.
No control, I fell to the ground and then I ceased to be.

Agents of the dark - M. I. B.
Agents of the dark - let me be
Agents of the dark - can't you see that I will never talk?

I awoke to the dawn. What was it I had seen? So safe - nothing's wrong.
Had it been just a dream? Back home I contemplate.
On the night before. Loud knocks - I hesitate, and then I go to the door.


Opened the door to the night and there he was standing in the light.
Dressed in black and eyes aflame,
In a threatening voice he spoke my name and said, "I'm from the government.
I'd like to have a word with you. We know all about last night.
Now here's what you will do. Never tell anyone about my being here - or the light.
We don't want to hurt you friend, so keep the lid on tight - we'll be watching you! "

Three months have passed, still they badger me. How long will it last,
When will I be free? Men in black everywhere, a nightmare come true.
Can't talk - I don't dare, what the hell am I to do!
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Agents Of The Dark (M.I.B.) Lyrics

Intruder – Agents Of The Dark (M.I.B.) Lyrics