Deep inside the darkness lies the meaning of your soul
Drink deeply from the knowledge so you will always know
The breath of life is just a sigh that whispers through the years
Blossoms in the sunlight - dies within your fears

You see him in the twilight
He turns and stare at you
Eyes full of hatred, burns you through and through
Memories are awakened of times and place past
Remembering the last time, you thought it was your last

You and I - why do we live to die
Locked in this game of hate
What shall we do to change our fate?

Through the ages you have battled
Many times, many worlds
Many empires have come and gone, many flags unfurled
Though you won the last fight, many more have yet to come
Locked in eternal combat 'till we learn to live as one

Who'll make the final move - which one will start
Eyes open but they can't see
You play your part
Hurry now, do not wait
It's time for you to choose your fate
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Live To Die Lyrics

Intruder – Live To Die Lyrics