You sacrificed your children to the gods you made.
The ones of steel, poison and plastic, you threw their lives away.
What price the abuse of nature - A piece of your own soul.
You say "We'll change", but it's too late, you can't give back what you have stole.

April 22, 1915 Ypres, France:
Looking out on no-man's-land.
It's time for decision, time for command.
No sign of fear is on their face.
Everything is ready, everything's in place.
You give the order, it's time to begin.
6000 canisters are opened to the wind.
Clouds of greenish smoke mingle with their screams.
You have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams -
Lungs exploding, systems overloading, drowning in their own fluids. They cry out for air. -
A higher form of killing is what you have achieved.
An easy way to break the nations, bring them to their knees.

Now the time is here - Your future's fading fast
You have lots to fear - You have not learned from the past
Now the time has come - Soon you will pay for your sins
There's nowhere to run - There's no escape from the killing winds.

1918 - 1919 Salisbury, England:
Portion down, symbol of death, men and animals take their last breath.
Vivisection, inflicting pain. Just for the knowledge you think you can gain.
Gassing your men and even yourself, no thought is given to anybodies health.
So Mr. Foulkes, won't you tell us why, why you keep searching for new ways to die?
Pollute the water, maim and slaughter, doesn't life mean anything to you?
You call it progress, I call it madness!
There's no excuse for what you try to do.


You're on the edge of an all out war, on a scale never seen before.
And your enemy's an enemy within, up against it there's no way you can win.
You held their lives there in your hands, and playing God was part of the plan.
But now you're scared, you lost all control.
It slipped through the cracks, it's taken a hold -
Virus mutating, procreating, growing stronger inside of you -
There are no answers, only questions. You pulled the trigger - the game is through.
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Killing Winds Lyrics

Intruder – Killing Winds Lyrics